PalletFORCE - Pallet rental. 

Now you have the choice of buying your own high quality pallets, or renting ours! 

We have already started with Stock Feed Pallets, and will be shortly be progressing to commercial retail pallets and fruit/vegetable bins.

Our pallets are built with the following improvements over standard pallets:

  1. Packaging Friendly and robust - We use high quality screws, driven to precise depths to reduce the chance of bag tears, usually caused by nails that work their way loose and stick out above the surface of the pallet. Cup square bolts in each corner provide extra strength where it is needed most during forklift handling and pose no risk to sacks.
  2. Easily Maintainable - Pallets will inevitably end up with broken pieces over time, and these can be easily replaced as screws can be removed and returned with ease.
  3. Company Branding - we paint our pallets using consumable product friendly water soluble PVA paints. Our rental pallets are our company green and white, but if you purchase your own pallets, we can paint them any colour of your choice. Not only is it a great corporate branding opportunity, it's also serves as a good security measure.


Tsanga Timbers carries a wide range of products to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. Our most popular products are shown below. Please call or stop by for more information on products, current promotions and custom options. 

19mm Door

19mm Tongue & Groove Batten Door

DC Door

40mm Double Clad Tongue & Groove Door

Table and Benches

Solid Pine Table and Benches - Ideal for Schools

Children's Bunk Beds

Solid Pine Children's Bunk Beds

T&G Ceiling

16mm Tongue & Groove Ceiling, Clear Varnish Finish

T&G Partition

19mm Tongue & Groove Room or Office Partition

Window Pelmet

Tongue & Groove Window Pelmet

Pine Shavings - Baled & Bagged

Premium ,Kiln Dried, Untreated, Pine Shavings. Ideal for Animal Bedding

Structural and Roofing Timber

We are now supplying Structural and Roofing Timber due to popular demand